LE GRAND FORAGE SARL. Is operated and has been established in South Sudan in 2012. This is the third biggest expansion by GBL since we have started drilling across India since 1992. And the first expansion was to establish "LE GRAND FORAGE SARL" in Lusaka, Zambia in the year 2005, serving thousands of happy customers in the private sector throughout Zambia and also the Public sector. The second expansion being that GBL expanded into the private market of Nigeria with the trading name "Sun Boreholes Ltd" in mid 2012.


LE GRAND FORAGE SARL is a well-resourced drilling company established to meet the critical need for an abundant supply of potable water for the people of South Sudan. GBL is a "for-profit," private company with a humanitarian heart. We are here for the people of South Sudan and the neighboring countries of East Africa.We believe South Sudan can and will be a productive, self-sustaining country. GBL's entire working culture is based first and foremost on developing the water needs for the people of each nation, while ensuring a safe working environment for our employees.

LE GRAND FORAGE SARL is registered with Ministry of Justice, Republic of South Sudan, on 12 th day of October, 2012 bearing a Registration No.16297, which is having its head office in Juba, South Sudan. The company is registered with Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture. The company directors have more than 20 year experience in borehole drilling in India and they completed several borehole projects. 7 years ago they entered into the African market and they are presently operating their borehole business in Zambia and Nigeria. Recently we entered South Sudan and successfully completing the projects.

GBL's senior management brings over Two Decades of experience into the customer relationship. Equally important to the organization are our strong relationships between the local communities, our clients and our employees.

GBL's main priority is insuring that the quality of life in South Sudan (and any country we establish in) is significantly enhanced, while providing quality work for our clients and getting the job done.


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GBL provides water well drilling services and complete water pumping systems throughout South Sudan. We are specialized in all aspects of water drilling, commercial well construction, pumping and treatment systems and water storage.

We will take you from the application of your scope of works to the drilled depths of the water bearing aquifers, on to the installation of the pumping system, treatment process and water storage that puts quality water into your drinking glass.

We use the most modern water well drilling equipment in the industry to assure your job is done efficiently, quickly and without a mess. We take pride in our work and guarantee the quality while increasing the value and sustainability of your water needs


GBL coporate strategy is to :

• Dominate the water drilling sector

• Modernize our conventional fleet and expand our footprint in strategic areas

• Diversify our services within the drilling field

• Be the best of class in quality, safety and human resources.

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We want to provide our customers with professional water well drilling services and products of the highest quality.

Management has a strategic policy to ensure that LE GRAND FORAGE SARL will continue evolving, improving and expanding. A focus on quality control in all aspects of the business will play a major part in the Company's future. We are continuing to pursue the international market and anticipate continuing in this area of business.

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We want to provide our customers with professional water well drilling services and products of the highest quality.

    Flushing of an existing Borehole and installation of Casing for ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) Head Office in Long acres, Lusaka, 
Zambia. Borehole For Road Development Agency, Ridgeway, Lusaka. Borehole for State House (Zambian President's Residence) in Lusaka, 
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